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6 Ways to Borrow Safe Money In Fintech Online Loans

6 Ways to Borrow Safe Money In Fintech Online Loans - How to borrow money online lately becomes one of the solutions for Indonesian people who need urgent money. In addition to very easy conditions, ALovers also does not need collateral items to be used as collateral, and it is very easy to disburse funds compared to loans through banks.

6 Ways to Borrow Safe Money In Fintech Online Loans

So no wonder ALovers, many emerging online money lending platforms are in high demand by some people who are borrowing money without guarantees. However, not a few are afraid to try to borrow money using the fintech application. Of course, because of the worry of the same fate as some other online loan customers who experience the terror of loan sharks debt collectors as in the news in general.

Of course, as the saying goes 'there is no smoke if there is no fire'. Likewise with the case-by-case experienced by some online loan customers. For that it is not wise to generalize that online loans are "terrible".

So, be wise in using online fintech platforms and understand. So that these horrible things don't happen to ALovers! Then, what is the difference between borrowing money in a bank and how to borrow money online in fintech?

Loans at the Bank:

Usually to borrow at a bank requires a wide variety of complicated requirements and requires a very long process. ALovers need to attach supporting documents ranging from ID cards, family cards, credit
cards, phone numbers of parents or relatives to home surveys and others. 

Fintech Online Loans:

Of course with online lending Fintech is very different from the way money loans in pawnshops and in banks. Namely, just need personal data and need a photo while holding an ID card, and include your email address or social media account ALovers.

But behind all the ease of borrowing online, there are consequences that must be paid. As a digital citizen, of course, you understand that everything about yourself is stored in the cyber world in electronic devices that they have. So, if we do a digital transaction agreement, inevitably we give the authority of other parties to access personal data based on the applicable provisions.

This is where we are required to be observant and careful of the applicable terms and conditions from the downloaded online loan application (download).

Of course not only online loan applications, almost all applications definitely have terms and conditions apply that must be approved by the user to continue downloading the application.

So, remember, yes ALovers! Not only online loans, but online shopping applications, online transportation applications and online games and others, always ask for approval to access a certain amount of data on the device (devices) gadgets we use.

With the above review, of course ALovers can understand the rights and obligations if you become an online loan customer and existing terms and conditions.

But as a real guide to feel comfortable, here are tips that I have summarized on how to borrow safe money in fintech online loans.

1. Select Official Fintech Application 

Of course, the first thing that ALovers should pay attention to before making a money loan transaction, pay close attention to the type of online loan. This means do not download online loan applications.

Choose which online fintech loans are already registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Because fintech companies that are officially registered with OJK will follow the applicable procedures and procedures, ranging from billing methods, large provisions of loan interest that should not be more than 30%, and others.

2. Choose Fintech That Is Low Interest

In addition, ALovers chooses an online fintech loan application that offers less interest than others. However, low interest is certainly more profitable, isn't it?

3. Note the Due Date When Liquid Loan

When ALovers online loan has been approved and liquid, the first thing ALovers must remember if it has debt on the online loan platform is to record when the maturity date. By noting it, then ALovers will not forget when the debt must be paid.

4. Record And Remember the Amount of Money Borrowed

Do not forget to note how many loans ALovers must pay and remember how much bills or installments ALovers must pay each month. In order not to forget, ALovers needs to record it in a special notebook. If necessary write it on a sticky note sheet and stick it on the board on the wall.
5. Prepare Installment Money From the Beginning of Payday 
Once the salary is liquid, immediately set aside special money to pay the online loan. Never tamper with the money that is set aside for other purposes. That way, when it comes time for ALovers to pay the debt from an online loan, it can be paid immediately.

6. Don't Pay Past Due Date

Never forget when the due date of paying ALovers loan. The deadline for debt repayment is the due date. So, you should pay the debt before the due date so as not to be billed continuously.
For example, when the due date is January 1, it must be exactly on that date. If it is past that date, say paying it on January 2, then ALovers must be constantly billed and charged additional interest or fines.

As a technologically literate society, it should also be information literate. Do not just download the application without knowing its legal status, whether official or not.

Of course, something illegal is often synonymous with the emergence of various problems in the future that tend to harm customers / consumers. For that, be smart and wise in choosing online installments. And pay attention to the comparison of several ways to borrow money in online cooperatives, how to borrow money in pawnshops and how to borrow money at BRI banks.

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