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7 Things to Ask When Choosing Insurance

7 Things to Ask When Choosing Insurance -Choosing a car insurance company often makes vehicle owners misgivings. Because, now many insurance offers with various interesting programs. As a car owner, don't just be interested in cheap insurance costs.
7 Things to Ask When Choosing Insurance

Before determining the choice of insurance company, look for as much information about well-known and bona fide insurance companies. In addition to direct information, you can search on Google, a variety of good car insurance. Of the many options, determine the 3 or 4 that are included in your preferred nomination. 

What is important when looking for direct information there are some questions that you must submit to obtain as much information as possible. Here are some questions you should ask: 

1. Own Risk Costs

You have to be sure about the claims system. Because there are insurance that implements the PAYMENT SYSTEM OR (Own Risk). Usually the cost of the risk itself averages Rp 200,000. The cost also varies, some apply per event, some apply per panel. For that must prepare your own funds before making a claim to pay OR. Usually this OR system requires car owners to have to go back and forth to the insurance workshop.

2. Claims Process

Must pay close attention to the claims process before making a choice, the process is simple or complicated. Ask about spk waiting time (work warrant). While waiting if the car can not be used whether to get reimbursed from insurance or not. Because before the workshop gets SPK, the workshop also can not do car repairs. Choose insurance that offers quick and simple claims.

3. Associate Workshop

Ask and check how much of an insurance partner workshop. Is the location easy to reach from the locations of your activities. And how good is the quality of his partner's workshop. Do not let when you need an insurance partner workshop, it turns out the results are not satisfactory. Although you can complain to insurance, still take into account the loss of time you wasted. Choose insurance with an authorized affiliate workshop. 

4. Third Party Liability (TJH/TPL) and PA (Personal Accident)

This feature must be understood correctly. Because when you have an accident, for example, hit a motorcycle sometimes, sometimes a third party suffers more severe damage to you. Therefore, choose insurance that has a program with great third-party responsibilities, so you are not burdened with additional costs. Even better there is a very important driver and passenger self-accident protection program.

5. Free 24-Hour Protection Service:

Ask about this 24-hour free protection. Because many car insurance that provides cheap rates, but the protection service is not satisfactory, for example there is no 24-hour service call center, or if there is a service that is difficult to contact even no one answers, even sometimes the protection area is also very limited, only jabotabek area only. Outside Jabotabek car owners are made to worry when they get into trouble with the car because insurance is not on standby 24 hours and there is no protection area. Selecta which has a 24-hour standby service and covers a large area. 

6. SRCC (Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion – Riots, Strikes and Riots & Floods)

Ask about protection due to riot factors, riot strikes and floods. Geographical and political conditions of the region often make vehicles damaged. Ask about the protection that can be claimed to insurance, both on interior, exterior, dashboard panels, mechanical, electrical and other damage to the insured vehicle. 

7. Payment

Ask about how to pay. Especially find out which insurance has the most flexible premium payment, can be done with cash, transfer or credit card.

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