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Best Cheap Car Recommendations For Low Income

Cars can now be referred to as a need that you can prioritize, not for prestige or just showing off to your friends the car is also very useful for your investment in the future, a lot of recommendations that you can buy in cash or credit. But you also have to think carefully to have a car. Because in terms of maintenance you will spend quite a decent pocket you have to do routine service and oil changes every month, in the current era there are many cheap but not cheap car cars.
Best Cheap Car Recommendations For Low Income

The capital city is indeed fairly as the largest private vehicle user, there are many dealer dealers who offer promo promos that you can get, for example, this low DP promo that can be the main factor you can buy a car. 

But you must pay attention to your finances before you make a decision by buying a vehicle and it is highly recommended not to buy a car because of prestige or just showing off.

Here are the Best Cheap Car Recommendations for Low Income:

1. Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza can be said to be one of the cars of a million people because toyota Avanza is very easy and your choice to have a car. With an affordable price and engine capacity that is quite decent makes the Toyota Avanza as an option to have a car. There are many color recommendations that you can choose for the Toyota Avanza so you can get the color of the car you want, there are 5 types for this car with a price range of 200 million you can already have a Toyota Avanza. Toyota Avanza already has Dual VVT-i technology with a cylinder capacity of 1,329 cc.

2. Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya is one of the cars subsidized by the government that makes Toyota Agya affordable and you can buy with a low income, with the lowest type that you can buy at a price of 110 million you can already get one car. If you have more budget you can choose the type of TRD S A / T so you can appear more kece. With a 3 cylinder 1000cc engine makes this car very comfortable to use for on the streets such as the city of Jakarta. The use of very economical fuel makes this car very much in demand by young people.

3. Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V can indeed be said as the best mini SUV in its class, not much different from the Honda CR-V this car has advanced technology in the interior. The cheapest price of this car is 252 million and you can already get the best SUV car, The advantage of the Honda HR-V is its sporty design makes this car look very elegant. Not only that there are so many advantages that you can get in this car, such as audio steering switches and airbag safety on each side makes this car very feasible and worth being priced at 250 million, you can say this car is one of the Best Cheap Car Recommendations ever.

4. Datsun Go+

Datsun Go + if you are looking for a car for a family at a very cheap price you can choose Datsun Go +, because at 90 million you can already have one family car. Datsun Go+ is one of lcgc's cheap car recommendations which is of course very affordable for its maintenance. This car is equipped with a capacity of 1198 cc which makes this car very powerful. This car is designed with a sporty model and has 3 rows of kuris so it will feel relieved if you travel with your family. Datsun Go + is arguably a cheap car but has a V platform that has been used by Nissan March.

5. Suzuki Ertiga

Suzuki Ertiga had become a family dream because of its very attractive look and design. And with a very sporty look makes this car your choice to have a dream car, Many elegant colors that you can choose for this one car ranging from: Metallic Magma Gray, Pearl Snow White, Metallic Silky Silver, Prime Cool Black, Pearl Burgundy Red, Pearl Radiant Red, and Pearl Glorious Brown so you can look more dashing because of the color choice.

6. Mitsubishi Xpander

Mitsubishi Xpander This one cheap car recommendation may be in high demand for young couples because at the beginning of the launch of Mitsubishi Xpander can already get the Car Of The Year award in its first year. Mitsubishi Xpander appeared on the market in 2017 which beat the dominance of Toyota Avanza and Honda Mobilio in its class. 

With an engine capacity of 1,500 cc makes this car very tasty if you take it out of town. Mitsubishi Xpander has a very sporty design so this car is the right choice for those of you who want to look elegant and dashing.

Here are some of the Best Cheap Car Recommendations that you can get at an affordable price. But we recommend that those of you with low income should not force to do credit with a long period of time. There are many options that you can get besides you make investments in addition to using a car.

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