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The 10 Best and CheapEst Car Insurance 2022

The 10 Best and CheapEst Car Insurance 2022 - The number of car insurance companies that provide motor vehicle insurance may make you confused in choosing which one is best.
The 10 Best and CheapEst Car Insurance 2022

In addition, there are two types of car insurance, namely All Risk and Total Loss Only (TLO) is not infrequently worrying, which is right for you.

Well, if you are currently experiencing such unrest, do not worry because in this article CekPremi provides recommendations for the list of the best All Risk car insurance and TLO 2021 and also tips on how to choose it. Listen, yes!

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a protection service provided by insurance companies to customers against the car you have.

This protection can be for private cars or corporate cars. The basic benefit of auto insurance is that it protects your motor vehicle from the risk of accidents, damage, and loss.

In general, there are two types of car insurance, namely Total Loss Only (TLO) and All Risk. TLO Car Insurance is a service that provides a guarantee of protection when your car is lost due to stolen or damage with a repair value equal to or more than 75 percent of the car price when the damage occurs.

If the damage to your car is less than 75 percent of the total price of your vehicle, the claim will be rejected. In addition, TLO insurance also provides guaranteed protection if your car is lost.

Meanwhile, All Risk car insurance is a service that provides protection and financing when your vehicle is severely or minor damaged such as a beret and abrasions. Of course with certain conditions. All Risk Insurance Premiums are more expensive than TLO because the insurance benefits and protection are greater.

For simulation of the calculation of car insurance premium prices, you can check it on the CekPremi website because both TLO and All Risk the premium amount is different depending on the location or number plate of your car, the type of vehicle, and the year of the vehicle.

List of TLO and All Risk Car Insurance Best and Cheap 2021

So what are some good car insurance options for you? In order for you to get the best vehicle protection, here are the best and cheap car insurance recommendations in 2021.

1. Auto ACA Otomate Car Insurance

ACA car insurance has two types, Comprehensive and Otomate. Well, for Otomate itself is car insurance in the form of packages that are accompanied by special facilities, namely replacement cars during repairs, emergency repairs, tow cars, ambulances, and others.

Benefits of New for Old, replacement car, emergency service, valet service, authorized workshop non-partner and partner, and stolen by valet parking
You can check it at CekPremi or on the official ACA website
Partner Workshops More than 90 workshops
How to Claim Directly to the official ACA website

2. Garda Oto Car Insurance

One of the best car insurance is owned by Astra. Garda Oto presents two types of car insurance, namely Comprehensive and Total Loss Only.

Comprehensive Benefits: Fire protection, collision, slipping, mired, malicious deeds, theft, and loss; TLO: accidents more than 75 percent and cars missing
You can check it by using car insurance simulation
Partner Workshops Available in Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, Serang, Bekasi, Karawang, Bandung, and Central Java
How to Claim Online

3. Zurich Sharia Car Insurance

Zurich Sharia Insurance offers good Sharia-based vehicle insurance. Zurich Syariah offers all risk Shariah products. This insurance also has a certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), loh.

Indemnity benefits on the trip, losses due to accidents, and compensation for damage or loss
Premium Starts from Rp800 thousand
Partner Workshops More than 300 workshops
How to Claim Online through an application with an estimated time of 1 haru

4. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

Not to be missed, Sinar Mas as one of these good car insurance also has a superior product called Simasnet. Sinar Mas Car Insurance provides comprehensive and TLO protection guarantees. The special advantage of this insurance is the free taxi fare during the car in the workshop.

Benefits of All risk: Moderate and comprehensive damages indemnity; TLO: Total loss indemnity that reaches more than 75 percent of the price of the car
Premium Rp700 thousand
Partner Workshop Approximately 584 workshops
How to Claim Online approximately 1 day processed

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