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Want to Buy an Old Car for Investment, What Are the Options?

Want to Buy an Old Car for Investment, What Are the Options? - There are many choices of old cars for investment, including cars from the 1990s because they offer an attractive advantage for consumers.

Want to Buy an Old Car for Investment, What Are the Options?

To be honest, cars are not one of the investment instruments commonly found in financial management textbooks. But in line with the changing times, investment instruments are growing and now include cars. Because lately, more and more are making old cars for investment. No wonder the price soars and becomes a "liquid asset" targeted by collectors to be owned or bought for resale.

Investor Category  

Back again to the topic of old cars for investment, the final decision is in your own hands. Are you among investors with the category of "risk taker" who dare to take high risks in pursuit of high profits? Or the usual investor who occasionally or often looks for an old car to resell with a "standard cuan"? 

If you are a risk taker, choose a car that is over 50 years old, then restored to the manufacturer's standards in the best workshop. The cost is in the hundreds of millions but the results are worth it.  On the other hand, if you are a standard player (investor), look for an old car for investments that are popular. For this time, what is discussed is standard investors and old cars for investments that are their target.

1990s-era cars

Why are 1990s cars on the rise? Because it is now the era of the 1990s generation that plays an important role in various sectors of life. Growing up in the 1990s, they enjoyed cars owned by their parents. 

Along with career success, they want to repeat nostalgia by buying a car as a child and teenager first. In line with the economic laws of demand and supply, it is natural that cars of the 1990s are now becoming increasingly expensive. Understandably, the goods are no longer produced but continue to be hunted by collectors. 

Speaking of technicalities, 1990s cars offer a number of advantages so that it becomes an allure. Among other things, the supply of spare parts is still abundant with a variety of choices ranging from genuine parts to KW. Furthermore, reference modifications are available everywhere and the information is easily accessible and many varieties according to needs and tastes. And here are a number of 1990s-era cars that deserve to be an option. 


The 3 Series has always been the spearhead of BMW due to its low prices, low service costs, large selection of parts and many variants. After the era of the BMW 3 Series "mas Boy" (E30) as an icon of the late 1980s (the eighties) passed, the legend of the nineties (1990s) was continued by the E36 and E46. Considering the market price of the former, ranging from Rp 80 million (E36) to Rp 150 million (E46) depending on conditions and years. No need to worry about parts because there are already many aftermarket products for BMW in circulation so that consumers have many choices.       


The Taft GT (F70) and Taft Rocky (F75) with suspension per leaf were retired by PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) in 1995 and replaced by the Taft GT (F73) and Taft Rocky (F78) which adhered to the independent front suspension in 1996. Both ADM flagship SUVs were marketed until 2007. Now 20 years old, the price of the independent Taft GT and Taft Rocky ranges from Rp 95 million to Rp 200 million depending on the year of production and conditions. With a relatively stable "seken" price, daihatsu taft deserves to be a liquid asset.  


Fiat Uno, hatchback from Italy in the 1990s has its own fans and tesedia with variants Uno I, Uno II, Uno CVT and Uno turbo. The high performance offered by Fiat Uno turbo makes it the choice of young fans of high-performance cars. Unfortunately Fiat Uno has very rarely been seen circulating on the streets and the price of the former ranges from Rp 30 million depending on the year and conditions.  


Honda always has a superior product that becomes an icon in every time. Related to the theme of the 1990s-era car, who does not know the Honda Civic Estilo, a three-door hatchback with a very thick sports car character. In good health, the 1.6-liter engine is capable of screaming up to 8,000 rpm, supported by manual transmission steadiness and fun control. In accordance with the economic law of demand and supply, Honda Estilo produced only a small but overwhelming interest. Do not be surprised if currently the ransom of Honda Estilo is above Rp 200 million, even reaching Rp 250 million. Interested?

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