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Want to Buy an Old Car for Investment 2022

Want to Buy an Old Car for Investment, What Are the Options? - Nissan cars that were popular in the 1990s in Indonesia include Cefiro and Terrano. Unfortunately, units like the Nissan Cefiro (A31) rarely circulate on the road alias disappear because many have been converted into drift cars. While the Nissan Terrano is still quite popular and is still often seen wandering the streets. The price starts from Rp 60 million to above Rp 200 million (see condition and year).

Want to Buy an Old Car for Investment, What Are the Options? 

In Indonesia, Suzuki has at least two legendary products; Jimny and Vitara are one of the old car favorites for investment. The length of Suzuki Jimny's life span in Indonesia ranging from the Jimny Jangkrik (LJ80) generation to the fourth generation Jimny (JB74) makes the tiny SUV a timeless icon in every era. While Suzuki Vitara has the title as an icon suv generation 1990s.  

If Jimny roof trepes rise as a retro icon, now develop Katana GX which became an icon of the 1990s era. For the price of Jimny roof trepes is dark alias unpredictable. While the price of Suzuki Katana GX began to scrape expensively until it reached Rp 100 million. On the other hand, Suzuki Vitara still has its own fans so that the price of the former remains stable with a range of Rp 65 million - Rp 100 million.   

It can be called the Toyota brand to be one of the old cars for investment that is classified as a favorite. Toyota cars produced in the 1990s became icons of the era in their respective segments. Call it Corona, Corolla, Kijang, Land Cruiser, Starlet. Even land cruiser products 40 and 80 series become a phenomenon in itself. Classic SUVs and large SUVs are now exorbitant used prices. For the Series 40 the price has already played in the hundreds of millions. While the price of the Series 80 which previously played at Rp 300 jut, has now reached above Rp 500 million (depending on conditions, production years and variants).

For fans of the fast sedan era of the 1990s, Mitsubshi Eterna GTI and Mitsubishi Lancer GTI became the dream car. The thick exterior design with a sporting aura accompanied by special legends in the motorsport arena, especially the world rally championship, makes Eterna (VR4) and Lancer so special. For Mitsubishi Eterna output 1991-1992 and Lancer GTI (1994-1995) can be moved with capital ranging from Rp 30 million to Rp 80-80 million.  

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